end of July and a bit of a catch up …

I ought really to have more free time than I ever seem to have, but there always seems something to do – and catching up on Blog posts is one of the things that has slipped in the last couple of weeks.  With that in mind I thought I’d post a few pictures by way of update.

The pictures in the gallery below are some of my favorite pictures of the last few weeks.  Some of Daniel and Emma when they have been at our house as well as some that I really like of Richard with Daniel and Emma when they called with Sarah and Damian on Richards birthday last week.

There’s also a couple of pictures of a tremendous cake that Pat made for Richard … no one is ever really to old for a birthday cake and Pat’s fine effort was well received and tasted as good as it looked.  We have actually been on cake overload as Stacey also made a fantastic calorie laden chocolate cake for Richard – I’m happy to say that I have been active in seeing that none has gone to waste.

I’ve also included a few pictures that Sarah sent to me from their trip to Formby beach.

Finally with just a little over five weeks to the start of my annual European road trip (bike) I’ve had the maps out to start working out a route and where I might get to – that’s now pretty much settled and I’ll write again about that in due course.

Clicking on the first picture below will open a scrollable gallery.