givi 3D603 tanklock bag …

Tank bags are not everyone’s cup of tea and for the last few years I haven’t bothered with one.

In fact the last bike that I used a tank bag on was a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and even then I only used a shallow tank bag for bits and pieces – camera, phone, toll tickets and loose change etc.

Ive never been a fan of too high a tank bag although I have used them on some bikes in the past.

On my last couple of bikes: a CBR Fireblade and then a CB1000R I didn’t bother, but there was no question that a tank bag would have been handy especially on European touring trips.

As I’m away for all but three weeks in September (mainly Spain and Italy details here Road Trip 2015) I thought I’d have a look round for something that would work for me and that wasn’t too big.

I decided on the Givi 3D603  with the Tanklock system as it seemed just right for what I was after.

I had gone and looked at the bag in a local J&S store but actually purchased it online from Motocard who I think are based in Andorra.  Bit of a no brainer really as it was £52 from them and £89.99 at J&S. The additional model specific locking ring was £10 (also from Motocard) so £62 in total and that included P&P..

The bag arrived promptly and first impressions are that it certainly seems to be sturdy and well made, which is pretty much what I would expect from Givi.

The words on the Givi web site describe the bag as:

Thermoformed Tank bag, using the new quick fitting system Tanklock to lock/unlock. Thermoformed in EVA laminated Polyester 1000D, has a semi rigid structure that gives to the product more solidity, full loading capacity, lightness, and an aerodynamic and sportive design. Equipped with a new removable cover to protect the smart phone window holder when unused, works also like a little compartment. Also equipped with shoulder belt, internal pockets and rain cover.

I cant add a great deal to that description other than  I guess whether or not it has a ‘sportive design’ is a matter of interpretation – I bought it to use as a practical tank bag rather than to add a sportive design to my bike …

Anyway it was easy to fit, just a simple matter of removing three of the allen screws around the petrol cap and replacing them with the three supplied fitting screws and bushes to hold the locking mechanism in place – one of those five minute jobs that actually takes five minutes.

I’ve not tried it out yet but first impressions are that it’s just what I wanted, just the right size (4Ltrs) and easy to take on and off the bike.

I’ve put a set of pictures in below which pretty much show it how it is. Check out one of the pictures of the instructions that state ‘Fasten the bags before marching off’ – guess that got a little distorted in translation!

Although the bag has a see through pocket for a phone, that isn’t a feature I will use but I did put my HTC One phone in so that you can get an idea of how it works – I suspect I’m more likely to use that for a list of roads/headline directions etc.

Only other thing to say is that the bag comes with a rain-cover and straps to put round the headstock (a sort of belts and braces safety measure I thin) – but the strap also doubles as a handy shoulder strap if needed.

Clicking on the first picture below will open a scrollable gallery.