european trip … part 1

We were back at weekend after a decent trip that took us to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.  All of it was memorable in many different ways and we pretty much got to see and do all that we wanted to on this trip.  I can never really quite decide which my favourite European country is to visit.

I suppose if I had to get off the fence I would say that it would come down to South West Germany and Italy.  I’ve traveled quite a lot in both Germany and Italy over the years and they are both country’s that I just cant get bored with.

This years trip took us down to Italy (the Lake Maggiore area) and as ever it was truly stunning, but there again so was the trip down there as we drove across the San Bernadino Pass and then back across the Alps the following week (although as you will read in a subsequent Blog post via a route that wasn’t quite as planned).

Part 1 of this Blog post covers our time in Belgium and Germany and I have put links into each of the places we stayed as – they were all quite different but I would have no hesitation in recommending each and all of them as very decent places to stay.

We traveled via the very the DFDS ferry company and it was a good service and great value and we took the Dover to Dunkirk route and then on to Kanne in Belgium where we stayed at the the Hotel Kanne & Kruike, which turned out to be an ideal stopover.  The hotel was actually pretty traditionally furnished and offered a great welcome and a decent breakfast.   It’s  located just a few miles from Maestricht and so is pretty well placed for traveling onto Germany.

After leaving Kanne we went on to Rothenburg and stayed in an hotel that is over 600 years old.  The Hotel Goldener Greifen is centrally located in this most picturesque of medieval towns and is a place that we were inspired to visit after seeing it in a travel programme a year or two back.  The town is quite simply picture book pretty and is more than worth a visit and if you do get to go you should definitely make the effort to climb the tower in the town square for wonderful views.  The hotel itself ticked all the boxes with a decent room, decent service and decent breakfast and all at a good price – add to that  the interest and novelty value of staying somewhere that is more than 600 years old and I doubt that you would come away dissapointed.

We stayed there a couple of days before traveling to Dachau (which was a very decent drive)  – and we had chosen to go there to do two things: visit the memorial site and also take in a visit to Munich which was only about 15 miles of so from where we had stayed.

Our accommodation and stay at Gasthof Feldl was just superb – I don’t think it could have been any better. The place was located outside of town and really was top quality both in terms of the standard of accommodation and the superb level of service from the owners/host.

We went directly to the memorial camp at Dachau after leaving Rothenberg and it’s hard to know what to say about it really.

As a memorial to what went on there it’s incredibly well presented and is more than worth a visit and should of course always be remembered – I think one of the most shocking things (to me) was the way that the process that delivered the atrocities was almost so matter of fact – a terrible but important reminder of why we should never forget what happened here and at the other camps.

Pictures from Belgium, Rothenburg and Dachau are below and are in three separate ‘galleries’ clicking on the first picture in each set will open a scrollable gallery. More words and pictures are in part two and part three of this Blog post.