60th wedding anniversary part 3 …

Following a really nice Saturday afternoon and evening my we all got together again on Sunday at our house – my brother Paul collected my parents from The Midland to bring them to ours (and they were unaware what the plan was). We had done a bit of preparation in advance of Sunday, and in addition to the congratulatory card that we had arranged for them from the Queen, we had sorted out congratulatory letters and cards from Lancashire County Cricket Club, the Welsh National Rugby team (my Mum is a ‘valleys girl’), Manchester City FC, the local Wine Guild in Cardiff (of which my parents have been members of for around 40 years or so), the Civil Service Society and the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust (both my parents had served in the Royal Navy) and we had also sorted a Papal Parchment from the Pope. The Navy excelled and in addition to a card from the Chief Exec’ they had a lovey personalised card made with a picture of my Mum in uniform and a picture of them both on their wedding day in 1955 as well as sending a gift pack with some RNBT items in.

In addition to that we had got together some photographs from over the years, loaned a large notice board to mount them on, complete with centre piece made by my daughter and her children (who also made the congratulatory bunting) and some other bits and pieces that included my school tie and original receipt that my Mum had took me to get back in 1970!

Then to round it off I had dusted off my presentation skills and put together a PowerPoint presentation complete with some extracts from a Pathe newsreel from 1955.

To say the afternoon went well would be an understatement – the whole surprise element worked a treat and we had a really good time and after some dire weather and more false dawns to summer than I can recall we were even blessed with some sunshine.

All in all we had a tremendous weekend and one which my parents loved.

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