end of season …

Well that’s it for another season, yesterday saw the close of the 2014/2015 season for Manchester City and despite a strong finish and second place it still feels like its been something of a disappointment.

It’s not the fact that City finished in second place, its more to do with the overall poor defence of their title and in a season that sort of had a feel of never really quite getting going there were desperately poor exits from both the domestic cup competitions. In addition to that the European campaign in the Champions League fell flat (again) and this despite having done enough (just) to get out of the group stage and into the knockout round of the tournament.

I suppose in reality its been a season of transition as the team that has cleaned up on the domestic front in the last few years (winning all trophies – including two League titles in four seasons) actually comes to the end of it’s ‘life’ and I’m sure that we will see a number of players leaving during the summer to be replaced by the next crop of winners.

It’s been a good run in the last few years with finishing positions of 1st, 2nd, 1st and 2nd again and with a third place finish in the season that preceded this sequence so no complaints really and the title quite deservedly went to Chelsea – a team that are unlikely to ever make my favorite list but who were easily the best this year.

Yesterday was also the last day for Richard and I in the seats that we have had at the Etihad since the day it opened as next season we are moving into the new South Stand – not really by choice as we have been perfectly happy in our seats but I have no interest in paying a huge price hike to sit in a ‘super premium’ area complete with fancy bars and all the rest of it. I like going to watch live football and have almost no interest at all in having an ‘enhanced match-day experience’ – but I suppose there is an inevitability to the changes. Fans are now customers, the match-day experience is important for the marketing etc and in turn and in my opinion a more sanitized environment is produced.

I’m not really grumbling – as someone who spent many years on the terraces at Maine Road and watching football in pretty dire conditions I have no complaints really about the Etihad – it’s a wonderful venue to watch sport and I am always reminded of that when I visit other stadiums, frankly there are few that compare or even come close. And in any case our move to the South Stand brings with it the added bonus of a reduction in ticket price with it now costing only around the £22 mark per game and also my niece and her husband have secured their seats next to ours in the new stand.

There’s some pictures attached from yesterday – and one of the pictures of the new stand has a red circle on it and that’s roughly where we are moving to. It’s been an incredibly impressive piece of work to keep a major sporting venue open whilst undergoing such a significant construction project – it’s going to look and be even more or an impressive stadium at the start of the 2015/2016 season – I hope the team are that bit better as well.

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