what will you do when …

Some of the questions that people asked when Pat and I quit working was ‘what will you do with your time’, ‘wont you get bored’ and other questions in that vein, and to be honest it’s a question that still gets asked.

Well almost 18 months into our more relaxed life we’ve not got bored and our time is easily filled.  I’m not going to make a list of what we do but I do eat more cakes than I used to – and it was last nights offering from Pat that prompted me to write this short Blog entry and to post up a few pictures.

Pat made the most magnificent of sticky ginger cakes – complete with a lemon drizzle topping – she also offered up an inexplicably bizarre comment when she told me that apparently the cake would remain sticky for two weeks.

I cant imagine any sort of situation where that sort of claim, no matter how authentic, reliable and well intentioned it may have been, will ever be tested. In fact I doubt the cake will survive until the end of today.

My taste buds are frequently tantalised these days by a picture being send via WhatsApp (often when I’m out) of the latest offering.

I have attached a few pictures that can be viewed by clicking on the first and scolding through the gallery that opens