lowering links …

I’ve had my Z1000 SX for the best part of 12 months now and think that it’s a more than decent bike – but there has been one thing that has been nagging away at me for some time now.

I suppose like most bikes you’re not really too aware of its weight and seat height when riding but when I’ve come to stop on roads where the camber drops away or on occasions where there is a bit of a pothole when I come to put my foot down I have found myself wishing the bike (seat height) was just a little lower.

So at last I got round to ordering some lowering links for the bike and had them fitted last week by the guys at MW Motorcycles who are based pretty close to where I live.  I’ve used MW Motorcycles a few times now (tyres  for the Z1000 and the Guzzi V7 as well as MoT for the V7) and they were my first port of call for doing the links.

I suppose I could have done the links myself but I knew they would do a first class job at an incredibly decent price – so in practice they were my first port of call.

I bought the links on line from Lust Racing who supply a range of accessories that include jack up kits,  crash protectors, rear sets etc – and in fact had been recommended to me by the dealers that supplied my bike – Bolton Kawasaki. The service from Lust Racing was better than good with the links arriving the day after I had ordered them.

Other commitments meant the job had to wait until last week before I took it up to MW motorcycles.

As ever the fella’s there did a good job – quick and efficient and as well as fitting the links they dropped the forks about 3mm.  The links themselves drop the seat height by 30mm – and with my height being 5′ 7″ this is enough to make a useful difference for me.  The rubbish weather and the seeming refusal of summer to arrive mean that I haven’t really been able to get out and give the bike a good enough ride to make informed comments on the change.  But in terms of seat height and getting more of my feet onto the ground then first impressions are that they have more than done the trick.

The links themselves from Lust Racing look to be well made, and as far as I can see they make them for a pretty wide range of bikes and Lust claim that they can be fitted in 30 minutes or less and with basic hand tools – as you know from this write up I cant actually vouch for that as I had mine done at MW Motorcycles.

Lust say that the kits are ‘made from high tensile roll forged steel and are laser cut and CNC machined’ well I’ve no reason to doubt their words and they certainly looked and felt nice!  Lust Racing are a UK based firm that ship internationally if you’re  interested you check them out at the hyperlinks in this write up or find them at http://www.lustracing.co.uk

I’ve dropped a bunch of pictures below that I took when I was at MW Motorcycles last week – some of my bike being done and some of some random bits of kit and bikes that were in as well as one of the friendly garage dog.  If you’re in and around the Manchester area and looking for work done at decent prices and at a decent place you wont go far wrong if you contact the guys at MW – you can find them on the web at http://mwmotorcycles.org/index.html or phone them on 0161 351 9989 – you can also find them on Facebook.  I’ll write an update in due course of how things feel with the lowering links once this weather changes and I get a few miles in.

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