a case of an old case …

I suppose like most adults I have kept have lots of things from my childhood and younger years and as parents we were careful to keep many things from Sarah and Richard childhood. Doing this has allowed us to pass them back to them and to allow them to make the choice of whether or not to keep them.

This has included books, toys, school memorabilia etc – most recently I have passed on a small suitcase to Daniel and Emma.

It may sound a little odd to pass on a suitcase to your grandchildren but this one isn’t without its own history. It’s a small blue case and one that my father gave to me when I was a small boy and probably the best part of 50 years ago. But it’s older than that – it was actually issued to my Dad in November 1950 when he joined the Royal Navy, apparently they were a standard issue to those who enlisted and in fact my Mum was also issued with one when she joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRENs) and I think my younger brother may still have that one.

So last weekend I passed on this 65-year-old case to Daniel and Emma, the timing was right as they were heading off for a weeks family break in Pembrokeshire.

The quality of this old case is such that it could be restored to its former glory but I think there is something good about the [patina of age – so rather than fully restore the case, it had a good clean and a tidy up of the hinges, locking mechanism and handle.

All that was left to after that was fill it with bits and pieces for Daniel and Emma to take away with them.

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