ginger biscuits and goals

Some things are just made to go together: fish and chips, salt and vinegar, City winning and united losing and of course goals and ginger biscuits.

After watching Manchester City cruise to an easy 5-0 win at The Etihad yesterday against a very poor Newcastle team and hearing that Swansea had taken the three points against manchester united Saturday was looking to end as a good day, especially as Chelsea had surprisingly dropped points at home to Burnley – it actually ended even better than a good day when I got home to find some magnificent home made ginger nut creams.

All in all then another decent day.

The pictures in the following gallery show the ongoing work at The Etihad with the new roof now starting to take shape above the end of the ground that is being extended – clicking on the first picture will open the gallery and allow you to scroll through to see the days ginger biscuit finale!