The Tin Bath …

Now I would never describe myself as any sort of train enthusiast, but there is something special about seeing and hearing an old steam locomotive in action.

At weekend my daughter Sarah dropped a text to say that she had heard that an old train was to call at Woodley Station the following morning, as she is only a two-minute walk from there it seemed ideal to call for a Sunday coffee and then stroll down to the station.

It’s fair to say we were not dissapointed – the engine ‘The Tin Bath’ called to the station and stopped for about 20 minutes or so (to take on water) – this proved a decent opportunity for Daniel and Emma to get up close to the old engine.

Apparently its due back sometime in May, so I daresay we will wander down there again.

To see the pictures from Woodley Station, click on the first one and the gallery will open up allowing you to scroll through.