I’ve been let down … and now have tough choices


I mentioned in an earlier post that following helpful advice from colleagues and family about how to get free coffee – now that we are unwaged, I registered at John Lewis for their coffee offer. I am delighted to say that although my official ‘membership pack’ hasn’t arrived yet I have had an email to confirm its on its way and a coupon code that I can use to receive the first of my 12 coffees AND 12 cakes.  As my wife has not shown the same amount of enthusiasm as me she doesn’t have one (yet) so now I have the difficult choice of Option A:  take coffee and cake on my own, Option B for us both to go and my wife can look on or Option C, we could share the coffee and cake – there is no Option D that would allow us to purchase an additional cake or coffee … start as we mean to go and all that.